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Poster for the movie "The Roving Swordsman"

The Roving Swordsman

Traveling swordsman Shen Sheng-yi (Ti Lung) and his lady friend match wits and swords with the last surviving member of the once great Murung...
Poster for the movie "Swordsman and Enchantress"

Swordsman and Enchantress

Asian fans of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon recognized that its director Ang Lee was actually inspired by director Chu Yuan and novelist Ku Lung's...
Poster for the movie "Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman"

Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman

Chu Liu-hsiang, the charming, capable, and, yes, sentimental, swordsman is back in action for this extremely well-named third in the hit box-office series. Perils of...
the great devotion by chor yuen

The Great Devotion

At Chinese New Year, schoolteacher Chan Chi-hong (Cheung Wood-yau), his wife (Pak Yin) and their children are evicted from their old city home and...
Poster for the movie "The House of 72 Tenants"

The House of 72 Tenants

Adapted from a popular stage comedy, Chor Yuen’s The House of 72 Tenants became a landmark release in the1973 cinema schedule. Shot in Cantonese several...
Winter Love by Chor Yuen

Be My Love aka Winter Love

While sitting in his favourite restaurant at Christmas 1963, popular author Chim Kei (Patrick Tse Yin) meets a young woman, Mimi (Josephine Siao Fong-fong),...
Poster for the movie "Young, Pregnant and Unmarried"

Young, Pregnant and Unmarried

Chor Yuen crafted a stylish comedy-thriller with In My Dream Last Night, unfolding a mystery that keeps audiences guessing to the end. In My Dream...

The Prodigal

Released at the very end of Chor Yuen’s Cantonese cinema period of the 1960s, The Prodigal captured a sense of hopelessness in Hong Kong’s...
Poster for the movie "Killer Clans"

Killer Clans

The film that set in motion a series of films based on the work of writer Gu Long, Killer Clans is a densely plotted...
Poster for the movie "Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan"

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan

Young woman Ainu (Lily Ho) is kidnapped and sold to a brothel run by ruthless lesbian boss Lady Chun (Betty Pei Ti). Ainu’s initial protests...

A Mad Woman

An intriguing mix of horror and melodrama, A Mad Woman looked at traditions and the harsh treatment of women in feudal Chinese society. 20 years...
Poster for the movie "The Black Rose"

The Black Rose

A mysterious lady thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor is striking fear into Hong Kong’s high society. The enigmatic character...
Poster for the movie "The Emperor and His Brother"

The Emperor and His Brother

A young boy betrays his family who hides a refugee and tells the pursuer (Lo Lieh) where the hiding-place is - just because he...
Poster for the movie "The Duel of the Century"

The Duel of the Century

This mystery-tinged 'Martial Arts World' epic was one of director Chu Yuan and novelist Ku Lung's last together for the Shaw Studios, but it's...

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