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Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚;Féng Xiǎogāng; born 1958 in Beijing, China) is a Chinese film director.

Born in 1958, Feng Xiaogang developed a passion for painting and literature from early on in his youth. After graduating from high school, he entered the Beijing Cultural Military group and designed its dance performance.

Starting in 1985, he taught art design at the Beijing Television Art Center. He took his first writing steps by collaborating on Unexpected Passion with Zhen Xiaolong. Directed by Xia Gang, the film won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Script along with four other awards. 1994 marked his breakthrough in direction with Gone Forever with my Love (1994) while in 1997 he directed his first feature film The Dream Factory (1997), an immediate box-office hit. His most recent works, Big Shot’s Funeral (2001), Cell Phone (2003) and A World Without Thieves (2004), have broke Chinese box-office records, making him the No. 1 grossing director in the country.

Feng Xiaogang filmography


Feng Xiaogang

Poster for the movie "Youth"


Performing art troupe members each face their own trials and tribulations in Chengdu; from escaping a family scandal to dealing with unrequited love, each...
Poster for the movie "I Am Not Madame Bovary"

I Am Not Madame Bovary

Li Xuelian, a woman from the countryside is falsely accused by her husband of having an affair. To defend herself, Li moves from her...
Poster for the movie "Cell Phone"

Cell Phone

FEFJ favourite Feng Xiaogang returns with another Chinese New Year blockbuster. But Cell Phone is something different. In his richest, most satisfyingly realized movie to...
Poster for the movie "Sorry Baby"

Sorry Baby

Poster for the movie "Back to 1942"

Back to 1942

Poster for the movie "Personal Tailor"

Personal Tailor

A team makes dreams come true ... but only for a day. Personal Tailor (Chinese: 私人订制) is a 2013 Chinese comedy film directed by Feng...
Poster for the movie "If You Are the One 2"

If You Are the One 2

A sequel to one of China's biggest box office hits, the wry romantic comedy "Fei Cheng Wu Rao 2" ("If You Are the One...
Poster for the movie "Aftershock"


Based on the Tangshan Earthquake in 1976 that took the lives of 240,000 people. Aftershock is a 2010 Chinese disaster-drama film directed by Feng Xiaogang...
Poster for the movie "If You Are the One"

If You Are the One

Qin Fen, a funny, honest, single inventor, met a girl called Smiley, who was in agony of her boyfriend's betrayal. They traveled to Hokkaido, tried...
Poster for the movie "Assembly"


Follows a soldier trying to gain recognition for comrades who died in 1948, at a turning point in the civil war between the communists...
Poster for the movie "Gone Forever with My Love"

Gone Forever with My Love

Su Kai is spunky but lonesome: his job takes him on long solitary drives across China. On a ferry, he meets two China Air...
Poster for the movie "The Banquet"

The Banquet

907 AD, the Tang Dynasty in China. The movie is set in an empire in chaos. The Emperor, the Empress, the Crown Prince, the...
Poster for the movie "A World Without Thieves"

A World Without Thieves

Mystery, comedy, action adventure, spiritual odyssey, romance... Feng Xiaogang’s masterful A World Without Thieves is all of these films, wrapped up in one irresistible...
Poster for the movie "A Sigh"

A Sigh

A Sigh tells the story of an affair between a struggling Chinese screenwriter and his young female assistant, its effects on his marriage and...
Poster for the movie "Be There or Be Square"

Be There or Be Square

A box-office hit in China last Xmas, Be There or Be Squareis a thoroughly engaging mismatched-couple comedy between two Beijingers in Los Angeles. Basically a...

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