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Ash Is Purest White

Poster for the movie "Ash Is Purest White"
Qiao is in love with Bin, a local mobster. During a fight between rival gangs, she fires a gun to protect him. Qiao gets five...


Poster for the movie "Pickpocket"
Xiao Wu also known as The Pickpocket is a 1997 Chinese movie directed by Jia Zhangke. The film was the directorial debut of Jia Zhangke,...

Summer Palace

Poster for the movie "Summer Palace"
Country girl Yu Hong leaves her village, her family and her lover to study in Beijing. At university, she discovers an intense world of...


Poster for the movie "Mama"
Often cited as China’s first independent feature film, this low-budget drama, filmed largely in the director’s Beijing apartment, depicts the life of a single...

Night and Day

Poster for the movie "Night and Day"
Day and Night (日日夜夜, Rìrì yèyè) is a 2004 Chinese film, and the second film by Sixth Generation writer-director Wang Chao. It is also known,...

The Orphan of Anyang

Poster for the movie "The Orphan of Anyang"
The Orphan of Anyang is a 2001 Chinese film from Sixth Generation writer-director Wang Chao. It is Wang's first feature film as director (he...


Poster for the movie "Quitting"
Quitting is a 2001 Chinese drama film directed by Zhang Yang, starring and based on the true life story of Jia Hongsheng. Jia, an actor...

Beijing Bicycle

Poster for the movie "Beijing Bicycle"
Beijing Bicycle (十七岁的单车; Shí Qī Suì de Dānchē; literally: "'seventeen-year-old's bicycle' or 'seventeen-year-old bachelor'") is a 2001 Chinese drama film by Sixth Generation Chinese...

Spring Subway

Poster for the movie "Spring Subway"
A stylish urban romance about the silent suffering of a modern Chinese couple. Spring Subway (Chinese: 開往春天的地鐵; pinyin: Kāi wǎng chūntiān de dìtiě) is a...

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