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8 Animals Eaten Alive in China – Graphic Content

Last Updated on 2023/04/02

Some religious people are forbidden to eat any portion that is cut from animals that are still alive.

On the contrary, the practice of eating alive animals is widespread around Asia. Monkey brains, fishes, baby mice, donkeys, snakes in Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and even China are considered delicious and synonymous with freshness.

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Animals eaten alive:


Oysters are the most common animal often eaten raw and alive even in the West.

In fact, they are considered healthiest when eaten raw on the half shell.


Drunken Shrimps

A popular traditional Chinese dish is Zui Xia, Drunken Shrimps. It is also possible to find it in some Chinese Restaurants in the United States. Freshwater shrimps are dipped in an alcoholic drink, usually baijiu.

In the beginning, the shrimps try to jump around to escape and the consumers have to catch them.

Once intoxicated, the shrimps are easier to eat. They only die, finally, when being chewed.

Modified recipes are used in different parts of China. This dish is quite expensive because to serve the shrimps alive, it must be prepared quickly and the chef must be skillful.

The dish is banned in China, but it’s still possible to find it.

Drunken Shrimps

Dead and Alive Fish

Another popular alive food in China is Ying Yang Yu, Dead and Alive Fish because the fish’s body is rapidly deep-fried and served while the head, not fried, is still fresh and moving.

It is prepared extremely quickly, with care not to damage the internal organs, so the fish can remain alive for 30 minutes.

It is served with sweet and sour sauce on the body.

One of the reasons that make this dish popular is because the restaurant boasts about how fresh the fish is.

Dead and Alive Fish


Alive snakes are specialties of Chinese chefs.

Also, this dish is prepared very quickly so that the customers can eat snake meat when it is still alive and moving.

The chef, faster as he can, cut the head, remove the skin, remove the bowels, in such a way as to eliminate the parasites, cut the meat, and serve the raw snake.

Raw alive snake meat sometimes was reported by the media, eaten by peasants without chef’s help.

You can watch a video here.


Live Fresh Donkey

Not so popular in all China is to eat Huo Jiao Lu (活叫驴), Live Fresh Donkey.

The animal has its legs tied and its body held down, while the chef cuts its body and serves the meat immediately to customers.

Some media reported that alive raw donkey meat could be sold from peddlers in Henan and Hubei even if the Chinese government banned it.

Raw alive monkey brain

Raw alive monkey brain is a special dish affordable only by very rich people and is possible to order it only in Guangdong and, once, in  Hong Kong.

The chef puts a live monkey beneath a table with its head poking up through a hole, the customers then eat its brains while it screams.

This dish is very expensive.

Sometimes customers that order this dish want to prove their richness and bravery, but many can’t swallow a single bite.

The dish was banned in China.

A scene from the 1978 movie Faces of Death by John Alan Schwartz


A representation of how the monkey brain is eaten

Baby Mice 三吱儿 

Newborn mice (San Zhi Er) are eaten alive with chopsticks and served in a spicy sauce.

They are called “three squeaks babies” because they would scream three times: the first time when they are grabbed with the chopsticks, the second time when they are dipped in the sauce, and the third final squeak inside the mouth of the customer.

Also, this dish has been banned in China.

Here you can check the page in Baike Baidu, the Chinese Wikipedia. Here instead you can watch a video whose vision is not recommended for a sensitive audience.

Newborn mice eaten alive - San Zhi Er
three squeaks babies

Alive baby duck embryos

Alive duck embryos (活珠子) are a famous Nanjing speciality.

Duck embryos are eaten when the egg is about to hatch into life but it does not fully form.

Sometimes, in other areas, the egg is boiled before being consumed. 活珠子 is a variation of Balut, Duck Embryo, a dish originally from the Philippines.

The main difference with the original recipe is that instead of eating the eggs boiled, in China they eat them raw.

Alive duck embryos
Alive duck embryos

Raw alive embryo

Cooked embryo
Cooked embryo

Cooked embryo


Every year Chinese media reported about cases of Chinese peasants that eaten raw alive meat. Two of the most particular are the cases of Wen Xide and Jiang Musheng.

Wen Xide is a peasant from of Wangzhuang village, Zhumadian. The 41 years old man said, in 2009, he ate alive snakes with a cold beer.

In 2007 Jiang Musheng, from a village in Shangrao, Jiangxi province claimed that eating live frogs cured his intestinal problems. He also eats live mice and baby rats.

The 66-year-old man admitted once he ate 20 mice in a single day.

eating alive snakes
eating a frog

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61 thoughts on “8 Animals Eaten Alive in China – Graphic Content”

  1. Even worse than this IMO is the killing and eating of dogs. Many of these creatures have more decency and warmth in their hearts than the calloused, ignorant human beings devouring their flesh. Dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing! This cruel practice should be outlawed! Come Lord Jesus come.

    • Typical dog nutter. Forget that monkeys and donkeys, two highly intelligent and sapient beings are being STRAPPED DOWN AND EATEN ALIVE AND SCREAMING, screw the myriad of human rights violations, the only thing that matters are pweshus, pweshus doggos. Frankly, I think any animal raised for meat is fair game, as long as they’re treated humanely. Which granted, China doesn’t do, but it’s disgusting of you to claim that’s worse than eating an animal alive just because you arbitrarily place more value on a dog’s life over all others.

  2. I am not bigoted by any means, but it seems the Chinese take much pleasure in causing extreme suffering for animals. There is no purpose, no benefit, to consume a live animal. It only causes needless suffering to the creature. Just ponder if the roles were reversed and it was the human diner being eaten bit by bit alive.

    • I guess the benefit of consuming a live animal is that it takes less time to prepare and is also more fresh. Maybe they don’t really enjoy the pain it causes to the animal but simply do it because it’s more convenient. We have to take quite some time to prepare a dish, but they just eat everything raw because they don’t care about animals so I guess it makes sense to them in a weird way.

      • There is no need. Dismembering a live donkey is asinine. In most cultures it is slaughtered on demand. Why would you keep it alive? You have to stitch up wounds deal with infections, now it can’t walk. Totally pointless. Live monkey brain is just a show of machismo, like many of these hedonistic rituals, it’s Hannibal Lecter status. Most of these creatures have parasites, they need to be cooked. This is soulless cruelty. I’m glad that even their soulless government even sees the barbarity of this. Eat what you want (except people!), just humanely slaughter it.

    • The Chinese believe that causing pain onto an animal makes the meat taste better. It’s barbaric. It’s bad enough they’re single handedly fueling the mass extinctions of countless keystone species for their stupid bunk woo TCM bullcrap, but they also deliberately torture animals before consuming them. What a horrid culture.

    • Way to generalize an entire population by what a few bad eggs do. Did you even read the article? It says these practices are banned in China. Which means they are done illegally.

  3. They say we dehumanise a culture by telling them they’re cruel and disgusting.. but they’ve dehumanised themselves. They’re a waste of oxygen. Thankfully there are a large number of buddhists in china that know that it is wrong

  4. Pleeeease stop them! What the hell are they doing? I can’t believe that no one has stoped them yet! Omg I’m crying

  5. There is tears in my eyes just reading this..Aren’t all living creatures created equally on Earth then how can these human beings can be so inhumane? Are they not human beings ?? Where is humanity here ?? What is this culture that promotes unbearable unspeakable pain, suffering to the fellow living beings ?? This is barbaric and demonic !!

  6. We expect humans to treat other humans well after doing this to other living creatures?
    Compassion starts with respecting ALL life.
    Only then will humans evolve.

  7. Everywhere in the world, it is acceptable to be cruel to animals for the sake of eating.
    We need to become a vegetarian world. The world will be a better place then.

    • Yes there are many kind compassionate Chinese who are trying to stop the dog and cat meat trade I know your whole race is not like this There are some though who are very cruel and barbaric and enjoy seeing animals suffer as they torture them But of course we don’t believe the whole country is like that Maybe one day all your country will be kind and caring towards other living beings and stop all this cruelty Not only in China but all over Asia

  8. F*ck us for doing nothing. F*ck us for just leaving comments to be read by others. There have been precedence in history that will make us think that we are all capable of doing nothing, something & everything. The people who were capable of sending millions to the gas chamber and other methods of killing are far worse than words could describe them. Eating animals live and killing millions of people live should be in our minds always. The acts are entirely different and the same. Figure them out.

  9. Yes animal suffering sucks… yes it’s more humane to kill the animal first. Yes I am grossed out by many of these dishes… but the racist comments are disgusting too. China has a huge population to feed and are eating what needs to be eaten to sustain it. I strongly disagree with any animal differing for food consumption purposes period.

    But for the Americans running their mouths, your government spent a trillion dollars in Iraq resulting in a million dead humans on a pack of lies. It’s rich you can get all cranky over this website but not shed a tear for the million dead Vietnamese or any other country you’ve destroyed. How China eats isn’t a ‘worldly problem’. US setting fire to the world for the benefit of the elite is Get a grip guys.

    • The US went to war with Iraq because of a dictator they thought had weapons of mass destruction. A dictator who gased his own people. The US only fault has been to guard the world of such evil.
      China steals the US technology labels it as their own and sells it. Slaughter precious endangered exotic animals for the good of their own belly. You have played with fire and the worlds people have are dying from your careless heartless
      Lust for cruelty of those who give you nourishment with their bodies that weren’t meant for you. Killing any animal for food should be done in the most humane way and honor it for its giving you life better yet eat vegetables much healthier and no transfer of animal to man disease.
      This is a alarm to the world thousand of animals kept together for mass slaughter in horrible conditions People living on top of each other is a disaster waiting to happen again. Know where your food comes from. Why do they need masks to go into chicken houses because the conditions . The gestation crates pig live in and nurse. It’s disgusting !

  10. There is a ‘ virus’ going around the world at the moment , somebody knows the truth , it will be revealed , watch what you eat !!!! AND WHERE !!!!

  11. Bruh, to everyone b******g about this two things:
    I agree with you that this s**t is disgusting and inhumane.
    I also thing you are really just retarded. China has a population of 1.4 billion+ if you think there are monkey brain and babymice farms everywhere in the country to support this you are also retarded. Most Chinese people eat chicken pork and beef like the rest of the world. The live food and stuff is more seen as a luxury/delicacy not really a common dish.
    China has an amazing and incredibly diverse culture with a huge population. The three squeaks mouse thing is from Canton or Guandong in South China.
    Get your ignorant head out of your a** and realize that China’s government doesn’t support this and nor do the majority of the people. Northerners look down on southerners because of this.

    • I agree with you totally I know there are many many many Chinese who are kind and compassionate and who have animals and would never hurt any living being It’s just these few cruel and barbaric practices people do in certain parts of China that leave us also horrified But yes we cannot base a whole nation on a few horrible people who should be eradicated from this earth

  12. Let’s not forget about the viruses that get started from eating and preparing food this way. Need to quarantine the whole country permanently until they change their ways. Too many lives have been lost on their screwed up practices and lack of regulations. Absolutely barbaric and disgusting!

  13. No wonder you guys have the fu*cking coronavirus , when you eat weird disgusting things and eat animals even disgusting ones alive …food is cooked to kill bacteria and enjoy the nutrients better

  14. Some of them are banned by the gov’t in china. It also says you can still find it there and get it there. And other countries are mentioned as well. I can’t comprehend why they do this. I’m a vegan and disgusted beyond words.

  15. Such kind of cruelty to animals….o my goodness.These people are totally insane and mentally disturbed. They also need the same treatment from the animals when they would eat these people alive part by part. May the worst of curses befall on these heartless people

  16. In my opinion, it is this practice of eating live uncooked animals that helped the Coronavirus to mutate and become more deadly… I hope we can advice all people esp the Chinese.people who are fond of eating live animals to slowly change this practice to slaughter and keep meet of feom organisms.which eisily propagate within 8hrs standing on warm weather… it is a wake up call to everyone that cooking food well can kill viruses… may the Lord our God bless us all.

  17. speechless wtf is wrong with them! If a law needs to be passed down to ban all meat please do it this is so sadddd and traumatizing in every way!!! As a human how?!?!?! How can you even enjoy eating something In this way how???????????? I’m going to cry myself to sleep for these animal so saddd beyond whyyyyyyyyyyy?????????

  18. I’m chinese n I find this sick but it’s also very misleading. Its easy to assume ppl in China on the other side of the planet will eat anything and some of them do but trust me it’s very few. The country is so big so obviously you’re gonna find a grp of people in one city or province that eat one animal, doesn’t mean all 1.5 billion ppl do. Have u guys been to China? I have and ate in restaurants in like 10 cities n didnt see any weird or live animals going on. You would probably need to go hunting for a needle in a haystack backstreet restaurant that would even think of serving these. It even says that they are banned. If u ask 100 ppl in china they will all be grossed out by eating these. The only ones that might even consider eating these are poor old folks on the f*****g farm who grew up in times of poverty and stupid ppl willing to eat weird s**t to post on social media for attention

  19. Dear Chinese people, its a globalized and well connected world, please eat responsibly.
    We reap what we sow!
    *Message is intended only for people who eat live animals and I mean any animal, this is cruel and disgusting.

  20. I’m shocked about the backwardness of these people. I thought China was a developed country?
    At least that’s what dictator Xi and his cohorts want to make us believe!

    Some of theses people are also responsible for the threatening extinction of the rhinozeros.
    Are they impotent? Why else would they indulge in such perverted rituals?!
    And again, the same people are now responsible for bringing us the horrible new coronavirus pandemic
    with death and economic disaster.

  21. Why doesn’t the government or health departments anywhere speak out about this primitive act of eating?! Anyone that doesn’t believe that this will be the last pandemic is loopy. As long as we deal with these countries that accept this behavior, it will trickled down to every other country from tourists everywhere. THIS IS INSANE and I don’t understand why no one talks about it on TV, Pres Trump or anyone. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT NOW. COME ON CHINA AND ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES THAT EAT THESE ITEMS! IF WE DON’T ALL START SPEAKING UP AND QUIT BEING AFRAID OF OFFENDING OTHERS, THIS PANDEMIC AND MANY MORE WILL BE ONGOING! SUIT UP WORLD!

  22. Where is animal’s rights from all of this ? should not there be an organisation to protect animals all over the world ?? or organisations are there just to steal money and ask people to pay so they can save endangered animals who in reality are not and were endangered because of HUMANS . Damn it this world is corrupted beyond any remedy ..we all need to shut down and restart cuz all humans failed to act like humans .. and china themselves pretend they are protecting pandas and make people come along to see them ! well I think they eat them secretly ..F** those sick barbarians .

    I froze when I read all of this and what shocked me soooo much was the poor monkey ? is there any thing more sick than that ?? but I don’t wanna believe it …I hope its just a mistake that there might be a mistake in reporting this ? plz anyone tell me this was all fabricated because I can’t just accept it 🙁

    I always fight for animals and I want to work against people who cage small poor birds ..but this all when I read it I just realize how helpless Iam in helping animals ..I just pray to god that he can revenge those poor souls because god alone can help them ..damn those ill people all .

  23. The Chinese are sick and so cruel, it’s their so called, disgusting Wet Markets that was the cause of this virus. Eating monkeys brains whilst the poor creature is alive and screaming is beyond belief.


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