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The research monkeys ‘Made in China’

Research monkeys ‘Made in China’ – Hubei Tian Qin Company produces macaques for use in research experiments. Strict management of the 700 monkeys in the … Read more

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8 Animals Eaten Alive in China – Graphic Content

Some religious people are forbidden to eat any portion that is cut from animals that are still alive. On the contrary, the practice of eating … Read more

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Horse fight club in Guangxi

Every year, in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Guangxi, not too far from Liuzhou, local people celebrate the Chinese New Year with the 500-year-old tradition of horse fighting.

The rule is simple: two male horses fight against each other in a fight over a female. Over the years, fights become an import income for locals, attracting tourists from every part of China and criticism from the animal rights group.

Horse fighting in China images

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Forest rangers crack down on the largest wildlife animal trafficking in China

Chinanews – On January 22, Yunnan forest rangers cracked down on the illegal trading of tigers and other local protected animals. They sized as many … Read more

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20 pictures of Traditional Chinese Medicine animal markets (Graphic Content)

This is an explicit report by a Chinese photographer on the abuses against animals in Traditional Chinese Medicine markets scattered in Southern China (Guangxi, Hainan, … Read more

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The Miserable Life of a goldfish in China

The life of a fish in China can be quite tough. Not everyone is lucky enough to spend its life in pools in parks. For … Read more

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Shocking pictures of an illegal dog slaughterhouse in China

In China every day are brutally killed thousands of dogs and cats, often in conditions of absolute lawlessness. In Changchun city, in Jilin Province, was … Read more