20 pictures of Traditional Chinese Medicine animal markets (Graphic Content)

abuses against animals in Traditional Chinese Medicine

“Wildlife Silent Hill” is an explicit report by a Chinese photographer on the abuses against animals in Traditional Chinese Medicine markets scattered in Southern China (Guangxi, Hainan, Guangdong).

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Silent Hill is the title of a popular horror video game and a movie. In many major cities of southern China there are such markets where are sold even protected species along with other more common animals: dolphins, crocodiles, flying squirrels, snakes, dogs.

In any case you can find everything. Everything that is not possible to breed is recovered through other channels, including poaching and black market. Most of those activities are illegal, but authorities are quite tolerant or at least disinterested.

Anyways Chinese rangers sometime intercept shipments or seize rifles. During various operations have been found many animals like monitor lizards, giant bats, owls, baby ocelots sometimes still alive.

Continuous demand for ingredients derived from endangered animals (rhinos, elephants, tigers, etc.) has fueled smuggling and poaching in numerous supplier countries. But southern China, with its forests, is an ideal breeding ground for hunting.

Traditional Chinese Medicine animal market images

Abuses against animals in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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