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30 dramatic images of the 1942 Henan famine

The 1942 Henan Famine in Photos: A Historical Insight

Henan Province was hit by a terrible famine between the summer of 1942 and the spring of 1943 that led to the death of 3 million people (other sources report 1 million deaths).

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Approximately three million individuals were compelled to relocate to different regions to evade starvation due to a series of calamities. The famine was triggered by a severe drought, the relentless devastation of crops by locust swarms, the increased domestic demand for supplies to support troops in the conflict against the Japanese, and the government’s excessive requisitions from local farmers, leaving them with virtually nothing. These factors combined to transform a poor harvest into an colossal catastrophe.

Theodore White, a correspondent for both American and Time magazine, provided a firsthand account of the situation, which had been concealed by the Nationalist government based in Chongqing. The plight of those affected was further documented through the lens of Harrison Forman, an American photographer who ventured through Henan province during the famine of 1942–1943. Forman’s observations and experiences were meticulously recorded in his diary (Harrison Forman Diary, China, December 1942 – March 1943).

Amidst this dire situation, there were disturbing accounts of cannibalism. White reported harrowing stories from the mountain districts, where refugees traveling on secluded paths were allegedly killed and consumed. While it was challenging to discern the veracity of these tales, the consistency and frequency of such reports across disparate locations were too significant to disregard. White highlighted the grim reality in Hunan, where desperation had driven people to consume human flesh, though it was unclear how much of these accounts were based in fact and how much were mere gruesome legends.

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