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First Sino-Japanese War history
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A short history of the First Sino-Japanese War

The First Sino-Japanese War (中日甲午戰爭, Zhōngrì Jiǎwǔ Zhànzhēng) was an armed conflict that took place between July 25, 1894, and April 17, 1895, between the … Read more

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‘Twenty Two’ tells life stories of survivors of sexual slavery

A Chinese-language documentary (and mainland China box-office sensation) completed with over 32,000 contributions from crowdfunding, “Twenty Two” was shot a few years ago. by James Verniere … Read more

Japanese war prints of the Sino-Japanese war
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53 amazing Japanese war prints of the Sino-Japanese war

The first Sino-Japanese War, commonly now in China as the War of Jiawu 甲午戰爭, began in 1894 and ended in 1895 and was fought between … Read more

Dali Three Pagodas
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The History of Yunnan

Yunnan is the most world-famous cradle of life on the planet. Archaeologists have discovered on this land a large number of fossils and zeolites. Related … Read more

unit 731 images
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Rare images of the infamous Japanese experiment unit 731 in China – Second Part – Graphic content

Unit 731 (731部隊) led by Japanese microbiologist Shiro Ishii, was a covert biological warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook … Read more

removing corpse teams
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12 rare pictures: removing corpse teams in China (1948)

The disastrous years of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression and the War of Liberation devastated China: corpses were scattered along Chinese roads. Natural … Read more

anti-Japanese demonstrations
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Chinese Women of America anti-Japanese demonstrations in New York in 1938: 15 beautiful pictures

A fundraiser parade of Chinese beauty activists organized by overseas Chinese in order to fund anti-Japanese activities in Wuhan. New yorkers not only threw money … Read more

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30 dramatic images of the 1942 Henan famine

Henan Province was hit by a terrible famine between the summer of 1942 and the spring of 1943 that led to the death of 3 … Read more

Communist theme park
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Red tourism: a communist theme park dedicated to the Sino-Japanese War in China

Communist theme park – A theme park just dedicated to the glories of the past is located in Wuxiang county, Shanxi, at the foot of … Read more

images of Old Tibet
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40 rare images of Old Tibet

Images of Old Tibet: These photos were taken by U.S. military personnel during the period 1942-1943. American soldiers arrived in Tibet from India to support … Read more

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