Church of Almighty God
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Videos and propaganda images of the Chinese Doomsday cult ‘Church of Almighty God’

The Church of Almighty God (in Chinese, 全能神教会, Quánnéng Shén Jiàohuì also known as Eastern Lightning) has been described by the government as a terrorist … Read more

China's AIDS Village
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The shocking images of the “Aids Village in Henan” (Graphic Content)

Plasma Economy in China Plasma economy (血浆经济, 1991-1995) was a plasmapheresis campaign by the Henan provincial government, in which blood plasma was extracted in exchange … Read more

biggest water transit project
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100 million in China benefited by World’s biggest water transit project

World’s biggest water transit project – In 2014 China opened an $80 billion mega tunnel to transfer water from the country’s south to to the … Read more

most polluted cities in China
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The 10 most polluted cities in China

The most polluted cities in China Various forms of pollution have increased as China has industrialized, which has caused widespread environmental and health problems. Nearly … Read more

Sanmenxia underground village
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Sanmenxia underground village

German news agency Ruptly documented a mysterious underground village in Sanmenxia, Henan.

The village consists of man-made caves which are inhabited to this day. The footage has been captured by a drone.

Topics: underground village, Chinese underground village, drone footage of Chinese village

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