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China cracks down on the largest wildlife trafficking to date

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

On July 2, 2018, the Jiangxi Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau announced the discovery of the largest case of trafficking in wild animals to date in China.

The authorities announced that they have blocked a vast network in 15 provinces dedicated to the sale of over 17,000 protected animals.

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After an investigation by the task force, many public officials participated in the sale.

Due to the involvement of public officials, the gang was able to get official transport documents. They used their position for illegally send a large number of wild animals to all parts of the country.

At 9 o’clock in the evening of December 24 2017, Jiangxi police inspected a truck carrying apples on the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway in Xiangxiang, Hunan.

They did not expect to find a large number of dead animals inside the truck.

After receiving the call, the Pingxiang Forest Public Security Bureau quickly rushed to the scene to check and found that there were a large number of provincial-level key protected animals and other protected animals mainly including red oak and river otter.

The animals were ready to ship to Hunan. They used apples to cover up the smell to evade inspection.

Due to the large number of people involved, the Jiangxi Provincial Forest Public Security Bureau immediately set up a task force to quickly investigate.

According to the information provided by the authorities, the police arrested some suspects in Taihe County.

From the information on bank transactions and mobile communication, the police discovered a huge network in 30 counties in 15 provinces and cities across the country.

During the investigations, the police found that the criminal group was composed of suspects from all social backgrounds: farmers, breeders, workers, businessmen, students, logistics personnel in the railways. This structure allowed criminals to operate illegally on a vast territory through a complex logistic network.

Furthermore, the authorities found that the group was able to obtain certified documentation to cover its criminal activities.

After more than 5 months of investigations, 44 suspects were arrested.


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