Fashionista: street snapping from China


West trend of street snap is becoming more and more popular among young Chinese.

Of course also in China the street is the main cat walk for students, white collars and ordinary people. Like celebrities everyone want to show his/her personal style exposing own sense of beauty. Street snap photograohers, with their capture celebrate this show.
Recently Chinese media are considering this life style and for the fist time dedicated a part of its web site to this reality. In fact the site joined some photographers their work in Beijing. With the help of these snap street photographers Chinadaily published a list with the seven rules must respet to be a fashionista street photograper.
1. Don't be shy to approach your target
2. Do let your friends help you practice
3. Don't carry too much equipment
4. Do find the right place to shoot
5. Don't edit the photos excessively
6. Do let the model's uniqueness shine through
7. Don't let language be a barrier


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