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The Largest Second Generation Robot Restaurant in China

Recently in Kunshan City, a satellite city in the greater Suzhou region, Jiangsu Province, a local impresario opened the largest Chinese restaurant where robots provide meals to customers.

Robot theme restaurants are still a hot topic in China: they promote harmony between men and robots, and robots don’t completely replace human work.

In the restaurant there is a robot responsible for hospitality, that welcomes the customers. A second robot helps customers ordering on a digital menú, with wide range of dishes, using touch-screen technology. After choosing the dishes the customer will checkout.

The restaurant is more than 300 m2 and robots move around the room following a black stripe with optical tracking sensors. They are programmed to select the nearest way to deliver food and drinks to customers.

Robot-waiter warns customers saying: “Hello, your meal has been dispatched, Please look at your own side”. After the meal ends, the robot politely asks the customer to touch his head so it can continue his work.

Song Yugang, the manager of the restaurant, told to the reporters “This is the first second-generation robot restaurant, compared to the first generation of robots, the second generation has more interactive features.” 15 robots work as waiters, in addition in the kitchen there are as well robots, two for frying and one for cooking dumplings.

Mr.Song says, a delivery robot costs around 40,000 RMB. He also added, “a robot can say 40 basic terms, can’t get sick, don’t leave, need only two hours per charge and can work continuously 5 hours after charge. This means the cost is only 4 RMB a day of electricity”.

The company who designed the robots is also creating a robot for education and entertainment.

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