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Alex_FongAlex Fong (Chinese: 方中信, Fong Chung-Sun; born March 17, 1963 in Macau) is an actor in the Hong Kong TV and film industry. He married actress Ho Yan Mok (Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1993) after 12 years together. They now have a baby daughter.

Alex Fong Chung-Sun

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Project Gutenberg

The Hong Kong police is hunting a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named "Painter". Project Gutenberg by Felix Chong
Poster for the movie "Kung Fu Jungle"

Kung Fu Jungle

A martial arts instructor working at a police academy gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial...
Poster for the movie "Home Sweet Home"

Home Sweet Home

When the Chengs move into a new apartment, their happy family unit is split apart by the building’s secret resident. Home Sweet Home Movie TrailerHome...
Poster for the movie "One Night in Mongkok"

One Night in Mongkok

Director Derek Yee shifted gear into gripping thriller territory with One Nite in Mongkok, a gangland tale set in motion when a triad war...
Poster for the movie "Explosive City"

Explosive City

When Japanese assassin Jade (Hisako Shirata) fails in an attempt to kill a visiting dignitary, the ensuing melee leaves her with amnesia and in...
Poster for the movie "Crazy n' the City"

Crazy n’ the City

Unassuming police drama leads to a charming snapshot of urban life in James Yuen’s Crazy N’ the City, a unexpected genre-crossing affair that kicked...
Poster for the movie "A True Mob Story"

A True Mob Story

Hong Kong pop star Andy Lau is surprisingly likable in this 1998 crime melodrama, playing a cagey, intense, but ultimately pathetic mobster torn between...
Poster for the movie "The Storm Riders"

The Storm Riders

An ambitious attempt to replicate a popular martial arts manga on the bigscreen with elaborate CGI work and location shooting in China. The Storm Riderslargely...
Poster for the movie "Your Place Or Mine!"

Your Place Or Mine!

With its whole cast on top form, this is a wonderfully warm and enjoyable relationships comedy by scripwriter-turned-director James Yuen about an advertising agency...
Poster for the movie "Cheap Killers"

Cheap Killers

Sexy, violent and completely over-the-top, Cheap Killers is Hong Kong director Clarence Fok's best exploitation picture since his international cult success, Naked Killer. The movie...
Poster for the movie "Till Death Do Us Part"

Till Death Do Us Part

Although directed by Daniel Lee, ...Till Death Do Us Partbears many of the hallmarks of its executive producer, Derek Yee. Yee helmed 1993's sophisticated weepie...
Poster for the movie "I Am Somebody"

I Am Somebody

I Am Somebody (Chinese: 我是路人甲) is a 2015 drama film written and directed by Derek Yee about extras working at the Hengdian World Studios....
Poster for the movie "Paris Holiday"

Paris Holiday

Paris Holiday (Chinese: 巴黎假期) is a 2015 romantic comedy film directed by James Yuen. A China-Hong Kong co-production, the film was released in Hong...
Poster for the movie "Insanity"


Poster for the movie "Overheard 3"

Overheard 3

Poster for the movie "The Crossing"

The Crossing

During the Chinese Revolution in 1949, three couples flee from China to an island of Taiwan. The Crossing (Chinese: 太平轮) is a 2014 Chinese-Hong Kong...
Poster for the movie "The Great Magician"

The Great Magician

In the early 1920’s, on the streets of Beijing, the nation’s most talented performers have gathered to show off their most spectacular skills. One day,...
Poster for the movie "Overheard"


Poster for the movie "If You Are the One"

If You Are the One

Qin Fen, a funny, honest, single inventor, met a girl called Smiley, who was in agony of her boyfriend's betrayal. They traveled to Hokkaido, tried...
Poster for the movie "All About Women"

All About Women

A series of intertwining stories focus on the lives and transformations of three women and their romantic relationships. All About Women (Chinese: 女人不坏; pinyin: Nǚrén...

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