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40+ incredible galleries of Historical photos of China (1850-1989)

Over the years we collected 40+ galleries of rare and amazing historical images of China.

Hundred of photos describing China, from the late Qing Dynasty till the Deng Xiaoping era.


Historical photos of China


Photos shot by tourists during the Qing dynasty

NSFW Torture punishments inflicted on adulteresses in ancient China

Beautiful hand-painted pictures of old China

NSFW How to create a Eunuch: the procedure

NSFW 38 rare pictures of eunuchs during the Qing Dynasty

NSFW 25 Western Depictions of Crime and Punishment during the Qing Dynasty

NSFW Postcards of slow slicing during the Qing Dynasty

NSFW 21 old (and scary) pictures of lotus feet

 [1860-1870] 20 rare images of Pirates of China Sea and their Hunters

[1871] Island Pagoda

20 rare pictures of Boxer prisoners during the late Qing Dynasty


The first photographs of nude art in China

Chinese Opium-Smokers in the late XIX Century in the US

Chinese Civil War (1927-1949)

[1924-1932] China depicted by David Gamble

36 Chinese advertising posters of the 30s

[1933] 32 rare images of French Missionaries in Yunnan

[1935] Last Taoist Immortality seekers depicted by foreign journalists in 1935 

[1937] 33 Historical pictures of Chongqing, the capital of China

[1937] 40 rare pictures of the Battle for Shanghai

[1938] Chinese Women of America anti-Japanese demonstrations in New York in 1938

NSFW [1942] Dramatic images of the 1942 Henan famine

 [1942] The Flying Tigers: from Chinese pilots training camp in Arizona to the war in China against Japan

[1942 – 1943] Rare images of Old Tibet

 [1943-1944] 35 old great images of American and Chinese soldiers fighting side by side

[1895-1945] 67 images of Taiwan under Japanese rule

NSFW [1946] Images of Chinese famine during the Civil War

[1948] – Shanghai historical pictures

[1948] A day in a life of funeral parlor in China in 1948

[1948] NSFW 12 rare pictures: removing dead bodies teams in China (1948)

[1949] Shanghai on the eve of the communist liberation

[1950-1960] Hong Kong old photos during the fifties

1949-1975 – Mao era
Mao Zedong locomotives

The history of Prostitution in China: 33 amazing pictures

Cool Sino Soviet Propaganda Images

NSFW [1958] A tragic episode of cannibalism during the famine of the Great Leap Forward

[1959] The Flooded City of Shicheng: Before and After Pictures Comparison

[1964] Rare images of Chinese nuclear test during the Sixties

Cultural Revolution

Cultural Revolution propaganda images of the Chinese navy drills

[1971]  Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards

 Fitness during the Cultural Revolution

NSFW [1969] Brutality of Vietnam War depicted by Bill Thomas Hardt


 Rise and fall of the QiGong frenzy in China: when superstition and science collide

30 years of Bikes in China

Chinese students from the eighties vs 2012

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