Travel to Kunming

Travel to Kunming: Everything you need to know about Kunming. Info, images, best destinations, maps, history and much more.

General info and history of Kunming, Main Attractions: Bamboo Temple, Yuantong Temple, Green Lake (Cui Hu) Park, Daguan Park, Western Hills Forest Park, Golden Temple, the red earth of Dongchuan, Jiuxiang caves, the Stone Forest.

Trip to Jiaozi Snowy Mountain

Trip to Jiaozi Snowy Mountain

It is located in the north of Kunming and got its name from its shape, which is similar to a jiaozi(sedan chair).

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Trip to jiuxiang

Trip to Jiuxiang

Jiuxiang Limestone Caves, 47 km from the seat of Yiliang County, includes 66 caves in an area of 30 square km.

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