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Trip to Green Lake Park

Located in the center of Kunming, it consists of Haixin Pavilion, Shuiyue Pavilion, Guanyu Pavilion and lakes.

翠湖公园 The Green Lake Park, Kunming, Yunnan

In the park, there are lush growing flowers and trees, shady willows and crisscrossing banks.

The branches of the willows hang down on the water and the willow catkin flies like smoke, such as smoke compose the wonderful sceneries.

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Every winter, thousands of the red mouth seagulls dwells for rest here, or fly in the blue sky, or float on the green water, or dive for food in the air and play with visitors. The men get along with nature harmoniously.

Images of the Green Lake Park, Cuihu gongyuan

Original photos: Matteo Damiani


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