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Honghe guide – Located in southern Yunnan, Honghe prefecture is vast in territory and abundant in tourism resources, with the elegant subtropical view of the southern frontier.

The name of this prefecture derives from the Red River that flows through it and which has shaped its history and culture.

The region is populated by a mix of ethnic minorities; in addition to the Han, who make up the largest ethnic group, twelve other minorities represent over 66% of the total population.

About 300 kilometers from Kunming, along the road to Vietnam, are the most spectacular rice fields in the whole of China.

In Honghe prefecture, there is one of the most magnificent Karst cave of Asia—the Swallow cave in Jianshui, Alugu Cave Scenic Area in Luxi. In addition, there are seven provincial scenic spots, five provincial nature reserves, and sixteen national tourism special lines. Traveling toward the south from Honghe, one can pay a visit to the border of Sino-Vietnam. It needs about one month traveling around all the nearby scenic spots.

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Hani woman - Yuanyang rice-paddy terracing images and video Yunnan China
Hani old woman

Mengzi, the capital city of Honghe prefecture, is 300 km far away from Kunming. It is available by car (about 4 hours) and meter gauge railway (460 km from Kunming to Hekou), about 17 hours.

Honghe map

Ethnic minorities

The name of this prefecture comes from the Red River who crosses it and has it absolutely molded its history and its culture. The region is populated by an exotic mixture of ethnic minorities; in addition to the Hani in fact, which constitutes the largest ethnic group, the area is inhabited by other twelve minorities.

Local Food

rice cake of Mengzi, Mengzi cross-bridge rice noodles, roast bean curd of Shiping

Local Products

tin craftworks of Gejiu, violet pottery steam pot made in Jianshui

Yizu child - Yuanyang rice-paddy terracing images and video Yunnan China


Tourism Bureau of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture
Address: Administrative Center of Mengzi County, Honghe prefecture
Tel: 86 873 3732273      Fax: 86 873 3732279


电话:86 873 3732273  传真:86 873 3732279

What to see in Honghe

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Images: Oliver Huang, Matteo Damiani

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