Located in a deep-cut valley that is 30 kilometers to the east of the Jianshui county town, the Swallow Cave (建水燕子洞) is the largest and most magnificent karstic cave in Asia.

Research of the cave experts shows that formation of the cave could be dated back to 3 million years ago. Owing to the washing and erosion by water, the cave walls were cut into precipitous and grotesque forms with stalactites hanging from the ceiling, all of which seemed to be produced by supernatural forces. Touring the ancient, mysterious, tranquil and unfathomable cave, tourists feel as if they were invited to the Dragon King’s Palace, a huge art gallery, or the fairyland.

Swallow Cave map

Images of the The Swallow Cave, Jianshui County, Yunnan

Swallow-Cave-of-Jianshui-County-002 Swallow-Cave-of-Jianshui-County-002

Images: Chinese web

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