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Alugu Cave Scenic Area | Yunnan Guide

Last Updated on 2020/11/01

The national-level scenic area of Alugu Cave (阿庐古洞) is located in Luxi County, Honghe Prefecture, which is 200 kilometers from Kunming.

The largest natural karst cave of the Province, Alugu enjoys the fame of “First Cave in Yunnan”. Unique features of the Cave include smaller caves enveloped in bigger ones; patches of the sky viewed from the cave fissures; the river flowing in the cave; and countless springs in the caves. There are passages linking the dry and water-logged caves, and the sightseeing path measures about 3,000 meters.

Alugu cave Map

Images of Alugu Cave, Honghe prefecture, Yunnan

Alugu Cave Yunnan
Alugu Cave
Alugu Cave

Images: Baidu

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