15+ images of Shanghai 1947-1949, on the eve of the communist liberation

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A collection of fascinating historical photos of Shanghai made by the American photographer Jack Birns (1919-2008).

Life magazine hired Birns to produce a report on the civil war in China.

Shanghai 1949 – Within a few years, the city seemed to be destined to become a cosmopolitan economic and cultural capital of East Asia, closed in on itself.

Before the final battle between Communist and Nationalist forces, who can, leaves: ships set sail, trains full of people are leaving for the South, foreigners linger before the inevitable goodbye.

Shanghai Campaign (國共內戰之上海战役) was a series of battles fought between the nationalists and the communists for the control of the largest city in China in the latter stage of the Chinese Civil War, and resulted in the city being taken over by the attacking communists who enjoyed the numerical superiority. [Wikipedia]

Images of Shanghai 1949

Source: picturechina.com.cn

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