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Zhang Jingna pictures
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Zhang Jingna voluptuous pictures

Some fashion shots of the young Chinese photographer Zhang Jingna. Born in Beijing on May 4 1988, Jingna moved to Singapore at 8 years old. … Read more

old pictures of-Chongqing
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33 Historical Photos of Chongqing when it was the capital of China

Historical pictures of Chongqing In 1937, Japan invaded China and conquered much of the coastal region. By the end of 1937, Shanghai and the national … Read more

Images of Imperial China
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Once upon a time in China: Photos shot by tourist during the Qing dynasty

Images of Imperial China In 1850, China’s Qing Dynasty Xianfeng Emperor (Xianfeng: “Universal Prosperity”, 1831-1861) was having hard times. Related articles: 70+ amazing restored images … Read more

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30 years of Bikes in China – 15+ images

30 years of Bikes in China Once China was renowned as “The Kingdom of bikes”. Things have changed nowadays. The streams of rickety bikes across … Read more

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Red Kunming

Exploring the Unique Look of 35mm Negative Red Scale Photography This area of Kunming will be demolished very soon, but life still going on, like … Read more

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“Black and White” and the Disappearance of the Modern Character

“Experimental ink and wash” has already a fairly long history. Professor at Beijing University, Tutor of Doctor’s Degree Candidates, Art Critic As a new cultural … Read more

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Rules of the Game in Experimental Ink and Wash

Rules of the Game in Experimental Ink and Wash. I. Striving for the Independent Academic Status of Ink and WashThe Starting point of experimental ink … Read more