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Abused golden fish in China
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The Miserable Life of a goldfish in China

The life of a fish in China can be quite tough. Not everyone is lucky enough to spend their life in pools in parks. For … Read more

images of Old Tibet
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40 rare images of Old Tibet

Images of Old Tibet: These photos were taken by U.S. military personnel during the period 1942-1943. American soldiers arrived in Tibet from India to support … Read more

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The Eighteen layers of Chinese Hell

Diyu, 地獄, the Traditional Chinese Hell, based on the Buddhism concept of Naraka, is an underground maze with various levels and chambers, where souls are … Read more

Photographic history of Qigong and alternative medicine in China
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A Photographic History of Qigong and Alternative Medicine in China

Development of Qigong and alternative medicines after the Cultural Revolution in China There are hundreds of types of Qigong: some only need meditation and others … Read more

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