16 Chinese Cheerleaders Embarrassing Moments

Chinese Cheerleaders

163.com has published a series of images of Chinese cheerleaders dealing with incidents relevant to clothing.

Chinese cheerleaders during the acrobatic dances to encourage basketball or volleyball teams during the championships, often found themselves with uniform gliding, underwear exposed, bra shoulder straps off, trousers broken just during the performances. Embarrassed, they have to hold down clothes still dancing.

Many of these uniforms haven’t been designed to dance or practice with athletic movements, in fact, some of these are very similar to those used by Chinese hostess at Trade Shows or local products promotions. For years in China, cheerleaders performance is an important moment during a sporting event, but it seems that at times Chinese cheerleaders don’t have a suitable uniform that can prevent these moments of public embarrassment. Is it part of the game?

Chinese cheerleaders images


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Source: 163.com via Cheerleader cinesi

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