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Lady Gaga - Vegetable Art
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Vegetable Art – Lady Gaga is a cabbage: the work of Duoqi Ju

Vegetable Art: Duoqi Ju, a young Chinese artist, born in 1973 in Chongqing, graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and became famous with her … Read more

Flying tigers
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Flying Tigers: 35 old great images of American and Chinese soldiers fighting side by side

Images & Facts if the Flying Tigers During the war of resistance against Japanese forces, American military photographers snapped thousands of photos of American and … Read more

Old Chinese sauna
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30 amazing images of a century-old Chinese sauna

Chinese bath culture – The old culture of public bathhouses and saunas is threatened by modernization. One of the oldest saunas in Beijing, 双兴堂, “Shuangxing … Read more

traditional dragon dance
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Traditional Dragon Dance images in Heqing, Yunnan

Traditional Dragon Dance performed by Bai elderly people in Heqing, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan. Dancers are called by local people to bring good luck for the … Read more

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The perilous life of a Chinese Stormtrooper

501st Legion is an all-volunteer Worldwide organization formed for the purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. Some … Read more

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85+ Old Postcards of Taiwan under the Japanese rule

Old images of Taiwan Between 1895 and 1945 Taiwan was a colony of the Empire of Japan. A series of beautiful old postcards of Taiwan … Read more

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40 rare pictures of the Battle of Shanghai, Graphic Images

War images of the Battle of Shanghai The Battle of Shanghai (淞滬會戰), “Aka Battle” of Songhu was one of the largest, bloodiest and most violent … Read more

Old China is fading away, 23 stunning pictures
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Old China is fading away, 23 stunning pictures

Photographer Ouyang Xingkai has documented an era that is rapidly fading away through a collection of stunning images. Modernization replaces “outdated” lifestyles. What remains is … Read more