The main theme is Red. Red is considered the luckiest color in China and symbolizes good fortune and happiness.

Red is used during important events and festivals and it is strictly forbidden at funerals. Red is also affiliated and used by the Chinese Communist government.

Pictures by: Matteo Damiani

Red colour images

chinese-door-flower hot-chili-peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers …red-china-night red-Chinese-Colums red-chinese-door

Traditional Chinese Red door, knockerred-chinese-door-2 red-chinese-door-3 red-chinese-door-decorations red-chinese-door-decorations-detail


Burning fake banknotes during Hungry Ghost Festival celebrationred-chinese-flower red-chinese-inscription

Inscriptions on a wooden column in a temple in Tuloured-chinese-lantern

Red Chinese Lanternsred-chinese-lantern-nigh-2t red-chinese-lantern-night red-chinese-lantern-sky red-chinese-pagoda

Chinese Pagoda in Kunmingred-chinese-restaurant red-chinese-window-door

Traditional Chinese wooden door, detailred-kuaizi

Red kuaizi, chopsticksRed-RMB

100 RMB banknotered-rope-buddhism

Red threads in a Buddhist Templered-traditional-chinese-door

Traditional Chinese door

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