Qian Hongyan, also known as ‘basketball girl’, lost her legs in a car accident in 2000.

Qian started a new life.

The girl from the southern province of Yunnan had attracted the attention of the Chinese public since in 2005, when she was photographed walking with the help of a basketball.

basketball girl

basketball girl

basketball girl

basketball girl basketball girl


Aided by the Ministry of Public Security, Qian was later fitted with with a pair of prostheses at the China Rehabilitation Center in Beijing.

basketball girl

In 2007, after being inspired by the 7th National Para Games of China, she decided to engage in swimming.

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Because of her disability, Qian was forced to rely on the upper part of his body to move in the water. She is able to swim to 3000-4000 meters in two hours. In addition, she trains hard every day.

basketball girl basketball girl basketball girl

basketball girl


However, Qian, likes to do things independently. Despite workouts occupy an important part of her day, she likes to watch movies on weekends.

In 2009 she became a national champion in the Chinese National Paralympics Swimming Competition. In 2015, Qian won another gold medal in the 100m breaststroke final in the Yunnan Provincial Paralympic Games.

The girl said she hopes to get a stable income for 2017, and plans to dedicate herself to training and competitions.

basketball girl

Qian chatting with her coach.basketball girl basketball girl

Many Chinese netizens, described her as a mermaid that moves gracefully in the water.

Photo: Daily Mail, People’s Daily Online, Reuters, Getty Images, iFeng via Nuova vita per Qian Hongyan

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