Best video games set in China and Hong Kong

Best video games set in China and Hong Kong

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China has provided a rich and cosmopolitan backdrop to many international games set mostly or entirely in China or Hong Kong.

Chinese culture and China is quite a vast tapestry in its history, themes, and ideas. The following is a list of video games set in China.

Heart of China (1991)

Heart of China, developed by Dynamix is an adventure game set in 1930s Hong Kong. The game follows pilot Jake “Lucky” Masters as he tries to rescue nurse Kate Lomax from a ruthless Chinese warlord. The game was praised and was called “a significant breakthrough in the interactive storytelling genre”.

Tomb Raider II (1997)

Lara Croft’s mission is to find the mythical “dagger of Xian”, a weapon that can transform its bearer into a dragon. Levels of the game are set in China, on (and under) the Great Wall.

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