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15 videos of the damage caused by the super typhoon Mangkhut in China and Hong Kong

Typhoon Mangkhut Videos

Mangkhut reached the Philippines on September 15 as a super typhoon in category 5 and then hit Hong Kong and China.

During the weekend, the Typhoon Manghut hit Hong Kong and the coasts of southern China with a rarely seen violence, with gusts of wind up to 250 km per hour. Countless damage to trees, properties, and vehicles. Mangkhut caused flooding, especially in low-lying and coastal areas, and many trees were knocked over.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, typhoon Mangkhut is the most violent storm to hit the city ever since the recording of these atmospheric phenomena began in 1948.

Mangkhut made landfall in the Philippine on September 15, 2018 as a Category 5-equivalent super typhoon, and subsequently impacted Hong Kong and southern China.

Fortunately, there were no victims, despite the violence of the storm. 54 people died after the typhoon passed in the Philippines.

In China, millions of people have been evacuated. At the moment the storm has caused at least two deaths in the Guangdong province. In Shenzhen, it caused power failure in 13 locations, flood in the Seafood Street, and more than 200 tree falls.

In Taiwan, a 30-year-old teacher was swallowed by a three-meter wave and her body was found two days later.

Here is a series of videos and images posted on social media that testify to the violence of this typhoon.

Source: Twitter, Shanghaiist, imgur, Wikipedia

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