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China’s landmine village

Bali Village (八里), in Malipo County (麻栗坡县), Yunnan, was an important battlefield during the China-Vietnam war of 1978.

In that year, the Chinese planted near 1 million mines along this front.

More than 200 villagers in Bali were injured by ordinary landmines, 11 were killed and 10 others are living with prostheses.

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china landmine village

Another village, Bazi, 坝子, in Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, is located at the border between China and Vietnam. The scars of that war are still visible. The International Red Cross and the Red Cross Society of China are still carrying out projects in Yunnan Province to help villagers.

china landmine village

Pan Yun Gui, born in 1964, in February 1994, was wounded by landmines. Her husband witnessed the tragedy, but fortunately, she did not lose her life, and a prosthesis was installed in Kunming the following year. She lost the left leg, but with the help of the Red Cross’s free prosthetic project, she can walk with the artificial limbs.

china landmine village
A Chinese soldier is on a landmine clearing mission carried out at a mountain in Malipo county, Yunnan province, November 27, 2017. This round of minesweeping along the Sino-Vietnam border will last about one year. Minefields with an area of over 38 sq km will be demined. (Photo: China News Service/ Zhang Junsen)

Pan Jinhua and Pan Zhaohui were father and son. They lost their right legs in 2001 and 1996, respectively.

Pan Yuncheng, born in 1975 lost his left leg. The family then fell into poverty.

Deng Tingying and Pan Yuncheng’s mother, 78 years old, stepped on landmines 20 years ago. Due to the long rainy season, mines are easily rushed elsewhere. The area is unsafe because villagers do not know when the mines will emerge.

china landmine village

Li Zhengzhu, 58 years old, was wounded 27 years ago in November. In 2015, Li received a living allowance of 6,000 yuan.

Li Yunchao, 66 years old, was injured in 2001.

In Bazi village can be seen everywhere men and women with prostheses.

With the help of the ICRC and Yunnan Red Cross Society, Bazi Village slowly recovered.

Source: Baike Baidu, Ecns

Last Updated on 2020/12/06

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