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23 great tips for solo female travelers in China

Last Updated on 2020/11/01

Traveling in China can be a great experience, and the country is a safe place to travel with a plenty of incredible destinations to visit and enjoy.

Is it safe to travel to China alone?

Yes, but for women traveling alone or with female friends it’s better to take some extra precautions.

Tips for solo female travelers in China

1) Avoid drawing unwanted attention dressing appropriately.
2) Don’t tell strangers details about your travel plans or where you are staying.
3) Avoid privately-owned cars (black cabs) because they can charge more if you are a foreign woman and your Chinese is not good.
4) Don’t walk alone at night and avoid desert places.
5) Plan your itinerary in advance: know where you’re going and how to get back.
6) Store the number and address of your accommodation (in Chinese …) on your phone in case you get lost.
7) Avoid scammers or overpriced souvenirs in busy tourist destinations.
8) If you ever feel in danger, don’t be afraid to draw attention to yourself by making a fuss or shouting.
9) Pay attention to pickpockets in crowded places such as the infamous Shenzhen border with Hong Kong.
10) Be very careful on the road because pedestrians in China don’t have right of way.

Taiji fishing village - a village is shaped like the Yin and Yang symbol
Nuodeng, Yunlong. A village shaped like the yinyang symbol.

11) Carry tissues with you because many public restrooms don’t provide toilet paper.
12) Give someone back home your itinerary and contact number.
13) Take a picture or make a scan of all your documents and put them in a secure site like Dropbox or OneDrive that you can access from any computer.
14) Consider travel insurance.
15) Pack light and bring comfortable shoes.
16) Have hard copies of important phone numbers, itinerary and other useful info with you at all times.
17) Bring an external phone charger or an extra mobile battery.
18) Don’t leave extra cash in plain sight in your hotel room during your stay. While visiting a destination, only take what you need and leave the rest locked up in your accommodation.
19) Don’t trust people too quickly.
20) Be sure to protect yourself as much as possible.
21) Watch your drinking, drink slowly and eat beforehand.
22) Some Chinese restaurants do not have menus but bring customers directly to select the ingredients. When it comes to choosing the ingredients for dish preparation, quality is of prime importance.
23) Use your common sense and you will be fine.

If you feel lonely or if you feel insecure, you can always relay in mobile apps to meet solo travelers within a trusted network. Don’t forget to check our Yunnan Travel Guide to find some great destinations in China!

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