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A video of a Student forced to eat feces sparks public outcry in China

A video of a teenager forced to eat feces by school bullies in Beijing went viral over the weekend.

The 1-minute clip ignited a public discussion, exposing China’s school bullying problem.

In the video, posted on Sina’s Weibo on Sunday, a teenage boy wearing a school uniform was forced to touch feces in a toilet and then lick his fingers.

Beijing authorities have confirmed that the boy and the bullies are students at Yanqing No. 2 Middle School.

The local police exempted two of the perpetrators from punishment due to their age, while education authorities in Yanqing District placed two students under the supervision and gave demerits on the records of four and a warning to the other.

Many scholars have also proposed to amend China’s criminal law, which currently stipulates that minors under the age of 16 cannot be held responsible unless a serious crime such as murder is committed.

Teenage bullying in China

According to statistics from 106 countries released by the United Nations Children’s Fund, the proportions of adolescents aged 13-15 who say they have recently experienced bullying ranges from seven percent in Tajikistan to 74 percent in Samoa.

Social problems such as bullying have also come to light in China in recent years.

According to research by the People’s Daily’s, eighty-seven cases of school bullying which caused a total of 21 teenage deaths were exposed by China’s media outlets in 2016.

In a different survey conducted by Renmin University Scientific Research Foundation in 2016, it was found that school bullying in China usually takes place in the form of verbal attacks, and the internet has become a new channel for teenagers to vent anger on their peers.

The solution on the way In an effort to protect teenagers, the Chinese government has been taking action to clamp down on school bullying.

In 2016, China’s education authorities launched a six-month campaign to curb school bullying, targeting elementary, middle, and secondary vocational schools nationwide.


Last Updated on 2020/12/06

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