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Dawenkou cultural relics unearthed in Jinan

A team of archeologists made an important archaeological discovery revealing a large number of potteries, jade, stones, bones, and other artificial and natural relics, and even rammed earth walls of the Dawenkou culture, dating back more than 5,000 years.

The unearthed objects at the Jinan Jiaojiagou site (Shandong province) help the experts learn more about the funeral customs and living habits of people during the Dawenkou culture, providing a sufficient physical basis for the study of prehistoric society in Jiangsu province.

The Dawenkou Neolithic culture (4100-2600 BC) occupied the East Coast provinces of Shandong and Jiangsu; it coexisted with and traded influences with, the Yangshao culture to the west.

Dawenkou skeleton

Jiaojia site is located in Zhangqiu District, Shandong Province. The ruins of the Zhangqiu area belong to the ancient town of Lubei.

In the past two years, with the deepening of the archaeological excavation of the Jiaojia ruins, many new discoveries show the region was an important birthplace of the early civilized society in the period of the Dawenkou culture earlier than the Longshan culture.

Dawenkou Jinan site

The whole site is divided into two parts. There are ancient houses and tombs of different periods showing well-preserved relics of different ages.

The burial sites, the housing, the rammed earth walls, and the many tools found in the area show the social differentiation and the differences generated in the Lubei region. In 2017, walls and trenches were found in the southern part of the excavation area, further proving that the ruins of Jiaojia were the political, economic, and cultural center of the Lubei area around 5000 years ago.

Dawenkou site

At the same time, Jiaojia ruins are also a representative settlement of the Longshan culture. At present, the archaeological excavations of Jiaojia ruins are still in progress.

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Last Updated on 2024/02/04

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