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Rural schools in China: Learning dangerously in Nujiang Valley

Putting your life at risk to learn a little bit more. 

It happens in the Nujiang valley, in the northern region of Yunnan, where 60 brave children every day must cross the Nu River with the help of a rope, a pulley, and a harness to reach the local school, on the opposite side of the dangerous river (Nu means Wild …). In this part of the valley, there are no bridges for many miles, and for this reason, local children have to cross the river using a thick rope stretched between the two sides. A man told that once local people used a bamboo rope. Then, the rope was replaced with a stronger one, but this solution is still very dangerous since they have to cross the gorge slowly in order to avoid to stress the rope and to scratch their fingers. For many years local inhabitants have tried to build a bridge but did not succeed because of a lack of money.

Going to the rural schools in China, Nujiang valley

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