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Incredible architecture design flaw in China

Last Updated on 2021/11/17

Nanning. A block of houses do not allow works to go on and as a result -after 1 year- the construction of road bridge has been interrupted (UPDATED)

The plan to upgrade road system cost some hundreds of millions RMB. Only after builiding the pillars, engineers realized that the block of flats were higher than the road ring’s bridge.


User JB told us a rather different version of the story. The link he sent us (article of the 28th) says that the meme started from minor Chinese websites and then was re-posted on the 26th in larger websites (like,, etc and also here in and it triggered an intense debate on the net. It seems the building was just the temporary housing of workers of the railway bridge. The strange position of the building attracted the attention of Chinese netizens and then the story started a meme involving nail houses, an hot and sensitive topic in the Chinese net. The article ends threatening internet users who spread false informations: they can be legally pursued according the law of China. We were tricked as well as many big Chinese sites, however the problem here, in my opinion, is this kind of news involving crazy nail houses is plausible.

000nailhouse-architecture design flaw in China
001nailhouse-architecture design flaw in China
002nailhouse-architecture design flaw in China

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