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Poster for the movie "Born Wild"

Born Wild

Tide wakes at home on Cheung Chau Island to find two policemen at his door with news that his twin brother Tan has been...
Poster for the movie "Beyond Hypothermia"

Beyond Hypothermia

A martial arts costumer in contempo dress, BEYOND HYPOTHERMIA represents a change of image for Taiwanese actress Wu Chien-lien, more often seen in misty-eyed...
Poster for the movie "Task Force"

Task Force

Cleverly constructed and often subtly humorous, TASK FORCE is a surprisingly fresh take on the police-unit genre currently in vogue in Hong Kong that...
Poster for the movie "La Brassiere"

La Brassiere

Two lotharios, hired for some fresh thinking in bra design, get an uplifting lesson in female physical needs in LA BRASSIERE, a thoroughly enjoyable...
Poster for the movie "Simply Actors"

Simply Actors

Man Long Chan, a constable whose antics and showmanship win him best performance awards at the Force's annual parties, is handpicked by the Deputy...
Poster for the movie "Wu Dang"

Wu Dang

Poster for the movie "The Twins Effect II"

The Twins Effect II

In the mythical land of Huadu, Charcoal Head, a humble boy born to rule an empire must undertake his journey to claim his throne. It...

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