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Poster for the movie "Ip Man: The Final Fight"

Ip Man: The Final Fight

In postwar Hong Kong, legendary Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man is reluctantly called into action once more, when what begin as simple challenges from...
Poster for the movie "Black Mask II"

Black Mask II

Black Mask 2 is the sequel to the 1996 Black Mask. However, apart from the main character, the film is largely unrelated in story to...
Poster for the movie "The Shopaholics"

The Shopaholics

Retail and therapy are the order of the day in Wai Ka-fai’s latest festive-season offering, The Shopaholics. In a movie that shows it’s normal to...
Poster for the movie "Men Suddenly In Black"

Men Suddenly In Black

Having turned a hitman movie into a black comedy delight in You Shoot, I Shoot, director Pang Ho-cheung continues genre-bending in Men Suddenly in...
Poster for the movie "Colour of the Truth"

Colour of the Truth

As a child Chan Lok-yin’s policeman father died in a rooftop shooting and the sole surviving witness from the scene, chief inspector Huang Jiang...
Poster for the movie "Help!!!"


A black comedy with romantic and heroic elements, Help!!! shows three young dedicated doctors mired in the bureaucratic nightmare of the Sir Ho Kau...
Poster for the movie "A Man Called Hero"

A Man Called Hero

Big-bucks follow-up to the 1998 Hong Kong smash hit The Storm Riders sees a largely unchanged tech crew and some of the same cast...

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