censorship in china

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Interview with Badiucao, political cartoonist, and rights activist

Badiucao (巴 丢 草) is an appreciated Chinese political artist and rights activist. The name Badiucao was adopted to protect his real identity. Badiucao uses … Read more

Chinese media model
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The Chinese media model: China is influencing the global media to deter criticism and spread propaganda

According to a long report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), released Monday, China is using several different strategies to infiltrate and manipulate foreign media. Related … Read more

Xi Jinping’s power grab
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Interview with Analyst J. Michael Cole On Xi Jinping’s power grab and the risks of the New Silk Road

J. Michael Cole is a Taipei-based senior fellow with the China Policy Institute and the Taiwan Studies Programme at the University of Nottingham, UK, a … Read more