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Interview with Kacey Wong: The Protest Art in Hong Kong

Kacey Wong is a Hong Kong visual artist, activist, and educator, politically engaged through his art and performances. Wong talks about the uncertainty created by … Read more

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Interview with Badiucao: the worsening of Hong Kong’s situation, #nnevvy, and the tightening of censorship amid the Coronavirus outbreak

Badiucao is a prolific and talented satirical author and human rights activist based in Australia. We discussed with him about the recent wave of arrests … Read more

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China’s censorship is not as rigorous as everyone thinks. The self-censorship of the authors is much worse. Yan Lianke

Origin: From the documentary “China on China, Culture for Billions” by Schulz Contreras, Lisbet & Jarnebrink, Lollo. “China’s censorship is not as rigorous as everyone … Read more

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The Chinese media model: China is influencing the global media to deter criticism and spread propaganda

According to a long report by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), released Monday, China is using several different strategies to infiltrate and manipulate foreign media. Related … Read more