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Global Times: “Apple is finally doing the right thing”

Last Updated on 2022/02/06

Global Times, a daily tabloid newspaper controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, commenting on the removal of from the iOS Apple Store, said: “Apple is smart to remove a controversial app which helped HK rioters.”

“The removal came a day after the People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China, published an article asking whether Apple is helping Hong Kong rioters engage in more violence.

Chinese netizens applauded Apple’s decision, saying Apple is “finally doing the right thing.” Many said Apple used the term “criminals” to describe rioters in its statement.”

“Anyone with a good conscience and a sense of justice should oppose such criminal activities instead of supporting or condoning them,” ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang noted, reiterating that recent “extremist, violent and criminal activities in Hong Kong have challenged the city’s rule of law and social order”.

Apple’s recent activities in China are an extension of the company’s years-long practice of satisfying Beijing.

In the second half of 2018, Apple challenged and/or rejected just two of 56 app takedown requests from China, removing 517 apps at the government’s command, according to the company’s transparency report.

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