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Airport Security Check
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Chinese Airport Security Check inspired by FHM

MengVision Studio, which is specialized in wedding photography, is promoting a new intriguing photo shoot: “Airport Security Check”. Images bring to mind FHM visual style. … Read more

Chinese DIY inspired by movies
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Chinese DIY inspired by Harry Potter and Leon

Chinese DIY inspired by movies: Here some beautiful and clever DIY by Lili Ya inspired by Harry Potter and Leon. Jean Reno (Leon) with Natalie … Read more

Lady Gaga - Vegetable Art
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Vegetable Art – Lady Gaga is a cabbage: the work of Duoqi Ju

Vegetable Art: Duoqi Ju, a young Chinese artist, born in 1973 in Chongqing, graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and became famous with her … Read more

Kitsch Souvenir
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Kitsch souvenir from China

Japanese Kitsch China Shanghai designed postcards, letter sets, memos, glass straps, posters, calendars about traditional ideas of China: Chinese tea ceremony, street stalls, Baozi, LaMian, … Read more

Vanilla Bath
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Vanilla bath at Taiwan flower market

Just before Qing Ming Festival, Taiwan, Taichung, the local tourism office organizes a flower market, mainly selling lilies and lavender. The area is based on … Read more