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Scandal at Chinese Motorshow: baby models in bikini

Chinese scandal – Journalist Ching Ming, invited to Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Centre, a couple of days ago,  reviewed the show from an unexpected point of view.

Usually, with luxury cars, are featured models dressed, in bikini and/or with skin painted withdrawing of body art, but this year to capture the attention was a group of baby models in bikini: the youngest was only 4 years old. Ching Ming asked why a show related to luxury cars should expose kids in bikini taking them to play roles as adults and expose their bodies, depriving them and destroying their innocence. Ching Ming does not understand the usefulness of this show, which convenes little girls that should think primarily about games and study.

These children have premature work, where they have to show only their own bodies. This type of work can create confusion in the future of these little girls. It should also be remembered that bikini in China is not used as a traditional and simple swimsuit, in fact on the beach of the Mainland, it is not easy to see girls who wear the bikini. Over the years, the bikini has built his space as a suit for car shows and cosplay becoming a “uniform” of sexuality. Many posts on Chinese microblog platforms such as Weibo reported and stressed the negative impact on children.

A mother who felt insulted and called into question reported that children who participated in the game can afford a better life and a chance to be happy. Officials of the company that organized the “performance”, said the aim was to search for potential models for future Motor Show. Little girls were not obliged to wear a bikini (in fact one of the little girls decided not to wear it). He also stressed that the girls were playing, they are not the models of the showroom, because there is no link between the brands of cars and the families of the little girls.

A researcher at Hubei Academy reported that this episode if repeated can create a negative impact on growth. In the long run, these girls may believe that there are easy ways to make money, this could result in an obstacle to their study. The bikini is not being considered a swimsuit, but a work uniform, this could badly affect sexual development. Some psychologists argue that parents should not accept that their children are publicly exposed in this way, especially little girls.

Photo: , Baby modelle in bikini a Wuhan

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