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21 crazy buildings in China

Last Updated on 2022/04/22

Chinese website compiled a gallery of the 21 craziest buildings built in recent decades in China.

In recent years, cities’ urban development become a hot topic because these constructions are related to a large amount of money. Many times, mainly because constructors and local authorities distinguish these buildings from classic skyscrapers, they present whimsical shapes, which also lead to an increase in construction costs.

In this gallery, there are public buildings, Chinese private companies buildings, and also copycats of famous western architectural designs.

The weirdest buildings in China

Fangyuan Mansion

Shenyang Finance and Trade Development Zone, and in particular the building of Fangyuan Mansion. This building with a cylindrical shape was designed like a coin because the owners work with money. On 10th January 2012, CNN classified the structure in the top ten of the ugliest buildings in the world. The building was designed by renowned Taiwanese architect CY Lee designer of the Taipei 101 Tower. CNN reported that Fangyuan Mansion tries to merge Eastern and Western styles, but this merger has not a harmonious appearance.

building shaped like a bottle

Cuiping Wuliangye, Yibin city, Sichuan Province, a company’s factory that produces liquor has a building shaped like a bottle.

building shaped like a bottle

Yiling, District of Yichang City, in Hubei Province, the offices of a local group is located in a building shaped like a bottle.

the largest pictographic building

On 15 December 2009, in Hebei, Yanjiao, was opened the most shocking hotel: the Hotel of the Emperor, with the appearance of three gods. The structure of 41.6 meters in height has been designed in 2001. The hotel is classified as “the largest pictographic building” and therefore entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the best project, the largest in the world which is both a sculpture and a building.

the East Gateway of Suzhou

Many Chinese Internet users have expressed their disapproval of “the East Gateway of Suzhou” structure still under construction.

Huzhou Sheraton Haikou Resort

The list included also Taihu Pearl – China Huzhou Sheraton Haikou Resort.

Linda Hai Square

Exterior design of the building Linda Hai Square with the shape of fish wasn’t appreciated; located on Dongsi ring.

Phoenix Island Real Estate

Sanya, Hainan Island. “Phoenix Island Real Estate” sells apartments t an average price of 90,000 RMB per square meter.

Chinese Government building

Nanjing, Yuhua. The government building is similar to the Capitol in Washington DC.

Wenling People's Court

A Wenling People’s Court Building is similar to the White House.

Chinese customs office

The second ring road east of Changsha, Hunan Province, the customs office resembles the U.S. Capitol.

Chinese Eiffel Tower

In Fujian, Fuqing was built in Lin Yi Park an “Eiffel Tower” tower renamed Tiancheng.

Chinese Sydney Opera House

In Jiangsu province, Funing County, Seongnam, in the park White Swan has created a cottage reminiscent of Sydney Opera House Swan Harbor.

Sail of the Century

Shandong Rizhao water tower is called “Sail of the Century”.

Guotai Art Center

Chongqing, Guotai Art Center, Center of Bashu Culture Art, which will be completed later this year. CFP

Henan province, Yichuan, netizens have reported that the project of the north gate of the city looks like a belt.

Beijing Olympic Park watchtower

Beijing Olympic Park watchtower, still under construction, consists of five independent towers with different heights: the main tower reaches a height of 244.35 meters. Many have compared the structure of five big “pins.”

Located in the south-east of Beijing, on the fourth road ring, Zhuoen Sen Oriental.


Again in Chongqing. Netizens think that a recent construction project look-alike a zip pullover.

Circle of Life

Fushun Shen Fu New Town “Circle of Life” is the new panoramic structure, with a diameter of 157 meters, 50 floors, with installed 12,000 LED lights, 3,000 tons of steel, cost a billion dollars. The project on the web has gained a first place among buildings more ridiculous. The local government has responded that this project will make it a distinctive architectural landscape.

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