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Planet China Vol.12: STOP HATE, Stand against racism and violence

STOP HATE, Stand against racism and violence

Exclusive interviews with Julia Chang Wang, Michelle Yang, Popo Fan, Melodie Zhao, Jessica Chou, Mimi Choi, Jingyi Wang, Tina Fung, Si Jie Loo

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Asian people and Asian descendants during the world pandemic all around the planet are fighting two viruses: COVID-19 and hate. Racial discrimination is a problem that has always been with us all over the world. In this period, the increased violence is a result of Covid-19’s impacts scapegoating Asians as the cause of the virus, especially in the USA. It’s been a difficult year, the wake of discrimination was so huge that so many people began to ask for change. Hate crimes are different from other crimes since they affect the victims leaving them traumatized and terrified and in addition involve their community. Due to the spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, many families are starting to resist long-standing cultures of silence and have conversations about racism for the first time. For this reason, it is a priority to raise awareness, try together to build community, fight racism and hate, and create a permanent and irrevocable sense of belonging. Asians have been attacked, harassed, blamed, and scapegoated. There have been deaths. Enough is enough! Speaking up and speaking out has never been so important. This can help for an impactful change. Every minority group has gone through this at one point in History. This is a human issue, so it is definitively the moment to stand together against hate, racism, and violence and to be stronger together. We belong, so we have to strive for unity. Everyone has the right to live free from harm and fear. No one should feel unsafe, no one should feel that their presence could put their physical safety and mental wellbeing at risk. Protected the most fragile (attacks were particularly among the elderly and women) from discrimination and bias is a duty, for the safety of future generations. During this difficult time, everyone has to contribute to collective well-being. Racism is not going to end if we don’t work together. We have to individually take the responsibility to act, everyone within the scope of their competencies, in our workspace, every day, condemning anti-Asian violence and showing solidarity. To support Asian friends we asked experts, artists, creatives to share their stories, joy, pain, and personal thinking. Celebrate diversity, being proud of self-identity, history, and culture. We want to thank them for being part of this project and for sharing with us such precious experiences, emotions, and art.

Interviews by Dominique Musorrafiti

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Topic: Stop Asian Hate, Anti-Asian racism, xenophobia, anti-Asian hate

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Interview with Julia Chang Wang, Co-Founder of Immigrant History Initiative


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