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China warns Norway not to politicize the Nobel Peace Prize

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday warned the Norwegian government not to politicize the Nobel Peace Prize by assigning it to another Chinese dissident and said Coronovirus did not originate from China.

Wang Yi condemned attempts to “interfere” in China’s internal political life, after being proposed to nominate the people of Hong Kong for the award, during a visit to the European continent.

Wang Yi warned against “interference” when asked about a proposal of a Norwegian lawmaker to nominate the people of Hong Kong for a Nobel.

Relations between Norway and Beijing cooled between 2010 and 2016 when the prize commission awarded Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo the Nobel Peace Prize.

In 2017, negotiations for a free trade treaty between the two countries resumed.

Wang Yi stressed the economic importance of economic treaties for the global distribution chain.

In his speech, Wang Yi also expressed the doubt that the coronavirus originated in China, raising doubts from the scientific community.

Wang said that if it is true that China was the first country to report the existence of the virus to the World Health Organization, that does not mean that the virus originated in China. Again Wang Yi stressed that the search for the origin of the coronavirus should not be reduced to a political issue.

“Actually, for the past months, we have seen reports showing that the virus emerged in different parts of the world, and may have emerged earlier than in China. Where did the virus first start and how it started should be left to scientists and medical experts. It should not politicised or stigmatised” AFP/Reuters reported.

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