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Temple Mall “Italian Bliss” Mooncake Redemption Campaign Deluxe “Jewel” Mooncake Gift Box Co-presented with Venchi

Last Updated on 2020/10/31

During the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, Temple Mall and the renowned century-old Italian chocolatier Venchiare collaborating for the first time to co-present the “Italian Bliss” mooncake redemption campaign, featuring the launch of the exclusive Venchi Deluxe Mooncake Gift Box.

Shoppers who spend above a certain threshold from 7 September onwards will be able to redeem their receipts for this ingeniously designed gift box, which can be reused and easily transformed into an exquisite jewellery box using the included velvet organiser.

An exceptional cacao journey where East meets West, crafted by Italian artisans

The Venchi Deluxe Mooncake Gift Box not only embodies a beautiful design, but also invites customers to indulge in two new chocolate mooncake flavours made with natural ingredients, as well as a selection of three gourmet chocolate types. Blending the essence of traditional Chinese mooncakes with Italian chocolate expertise, Venchi’s graceful petal-shaped mooncakes surprise the palate and delight the eye.

The first of the two new mooncake flavours, Didama, features a 56% dark chocolate coating and offers the delectable textual contrast of soft gianduia chocolate embedded with crunchy gluten-free hazelnut biscuits. The second new mooncake flavour, Black Cherry, is an egg-free and dairy-free vegan treat. At its heart is an enticing sweet-sour black cherry purée and a layer of dark chocolate with almond paste, encrusted in 75% dark chocolate to offer a scrumptious bite. In addition to the unique new flavours, the Venchi Deluxe Mooncake Gift Box includes two pieces each of three gourmet chocolate types – Chocaviar 75%, Chocaviar Crème Brulée and Chocaviar Hazelnut – all made with top-notch natural ingredients. And when the delectable Venchi treats have all been consumed, the gift box can be transformed into a delicate jewellery box using the complimentary velvet organiser, making this eco-friendly and functional too.

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