Chinese Tea

1998 Aged Liang Tea

Sold by the ounce. This special tea is encased in bamboo and bamboo leaves and then aged. Large compressed leaves reveal a rich brown color when steeped.

A full 100 Liang log is about 8 lbs. It Hails from Hunan Province, (not Yunnan). Here we offer the whole log, which is quite impressive for yourself or a friend. It gets better as it ages. 1998


A Liang is a weight measure in China (about 31.25g). This 100 Liang tea weighs 3.125 kg. We offer portions of this compressed tea so many will discover it.

Some say that the brightness of the brew tells the quality of a tea. This tea brews a light golden cup that almost shines. This tea is aged and develops a mellowness that is quite enjoyable.

It has a unique smokey taste that is imparted through the bamboo and time into the leaves. The tea is very compressed and looks like a green tea, although it consists of high-grade leaves that are picked from plants that are known for their black tea.

Said to help digestion and cleansing of the body, this is Hunan’s very own medicinal tea. This plant had been producing this tea for over two hundred years.

This is one of the grandmothers of all tea. It will easily become a new favorite of many. It can be steeped two or three times with 180 deg f water. A hidden treasure. Vintage 1998.

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