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1994 Liu Bao Six Forts Wild Dragon Cake Black Tea

This tea comes in a large 5 kg Dragon Cake baskets and is well-aged and tastes smooth and amazing.

You will search for a long time to find such a satisfying and addictive tea. Its deep rich brew keeps you coming back for more. Wild Liu Bao Six Forts tea.


This ‘Big Basket’ Liu Bao Tea is aged in 5 kg bamboo baskets with no bamboo leaf wrap. This allows the tea to age with much air exchange. The tea is also caked up in layers that peel off each other as the basket is opened.

This big basket aging is the secret of much-desired Liu Bao tea, which originates in Guangxi, China.

This tea offers a unique flavor that rivals the best Pu-erh teas. This aged tea is great now and will continue to improve over the years.

This tea sat in Guang Xi which is known for its great conditions for tea aging. “Golden Flower” is known as Eurotium Cristatum, is a dominant fungus in the production process of Lui Bao and Liu An teas.

Scientists have only identified this natural microorganism in the past 30 years.

The Institute of Food Science, Jishou University study showed that “ Eurotium Cristatum improves the digestion and absorption of starch and protein, but inhibits the decomposition and absorption of fat.” It helps with any stomach troubles and will help to lose weight.

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