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1980’s Longzhu Pu-erh Sheng (Raw) Zuncha tea Brick 220g

Last Updated on 2021/10/19

This brick has been in HK storage and is from an unknown factory. This brick is steeped in mystery as it has been visited by the silk tea worms somewhere in its history which gives it the name Longzhu (worm casting) brick.

This visitation causes extreme aging and enhancement of flavor with ginseng and herbal notes. Rich taste.


This brick is from a tea past that will never come again. These bricks are aged and tasty. There are no paper wrappings, as they were produced without them.

They did come in bamboo wrappers which have been removed and the bricks are individual. A whole Jian contained 128 pieces.

The old worm castings may throw some new drinkers off, but to a seasoned Pu-erh drinker the silk is a sign of age and good taste. Those tea worms are very picky, only munching on old tea and leaving their trail of coveted Longzhu castings.

These castings separated sell for over $10,000 us per pound. So for a fraction of the cost, you can drink some of this special old tea that is ginseng flavor and a Chinese herbal taste. By the way, the worms are gone, they only live a short time, eat some tea and then fly away as a butterfly.

Weight varies from 200-240g due to aged weight loss.

1980's Longzhu Pu-erh Sheng (Raw) Zuncha Brick 220g

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