UPDATED – Cui Yongyuan, the anchorman who accused Fan Bingbing, disappeared after accusing Shanghai police of fraud

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The television presenter who had triggered the investigation on the famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who disappeared in July and re-emerged recently, seems to have disappeared after reporting corruption in the Shanghai police.

UPDATE 11-20-2018: According to South China Morning Post, Fan Bingbing whistle-blower Cui Yongyuan denied being missing, and accused Chinese police of ignoring death threats he received. The anchorman Cui Yongyuan attacks the Beijing security office stating that the authorities have done nothing to respond to the intimidatory threats received.

Cui Yongyuan on social media on Sunday said that the police and celebrities of the entertainment world are involved in a huge fraud.

Although he has not mentioned the name of any star, Cui has accused some agents of the ECID, the investigative department on economic crime, to have pocketed hundreds of thousands of RMB in cash, to have drunk bottles of wine worth 20,000 RMB, and to smoke packets of cigarettes from 100 euros.

The Shanghai police responded publicly on Wednesday, stating that they tried to get in touch with the anchorman to verify the allegations, but failed.

In the original post on Weibo, which triggered Fan Bingbing’s arrest, he said that he too was under investigation by the finance and police officers as he was marginally involved (he is the accuser).

“I know the case was Air Strike (aka the Bombing, with Bruce Willis).” Those who participated in this huge fraud include entertainment celebrities and agents from the Shanghai ECID. ”

Fan Bingbing
Fan Bingbing

All the companies with which he has worked, as well as all his former collaborators, are under investigation.

In the first response to the Weibo post, the police claimed that Cui should contact them or with the authorities.

At this police note, the presenter replied: “As for your internal problems, you could start investigating the deputy head of the Changning District Economic Criminal Investigation Department, Peng Fen, whose son’s name is Peng Mingda”.

In his last post, Cui also accused the Huayi Brothers Media Corp film studio of using special contracts to evade tax. The partner denied these allegations.

Source: SCMP


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