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Beijing’s new airport to be world’s biggest aviation hub by 2019

According to the financial media company Bloomberg, the new Beijing’s airport will become the world’s biggest aviation hub.

The airport will be located on the southern part of Daxing district, Beijing, along the border with Hebei province. The new air hub is planned to go into service in 2019.

The airport, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, will feature 700,000 m2 total floor area, 80.000 m2 ground transportation center. The new $12.9 billion airport would accommodate up to 100 million passengers a year with as many as seven runways. By 2025, the two Beijing airports would share 170 million passengers, including 25 million on international flights. The airport will be user-focussed, efficient and sustainable for future growth to serve the world’s fastest growing aviation sector.

Beijing's new airport

“There are demands to add hundreds of flights in Beijing every day that get refused because we’re running out of resources. The city is capable of running dual hubs,” said Liu Xuesong, the general manager of Capital Airports Holding Co., the operator of Beijing’s existing airport, speaking to Bloomberg.

The cost of construction of the new Beijing’s airport has been estimated at USD 12.9 billion. Beijing Capital International Airport in the northeast of the city saw over 90 million passengers last year.

“So far in history we haven’t seen any city or city clusters having two hubs of the same scale,” said Ma Chongxian, vice president of China National Aviation Holding Co., speaking at a conference in Beijing in May.

Subway and railway links are being built underneath the new terminal, as well as coach services, connecting the airport with downtown Beijing and neighboring Tianjin and Hebei.

The journey between the airport and downtown area of Beijing is expected to take about half an hour.

Beijing's new airport

Source: , Bloomberg

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